Once upon a time, there was a princess called Sarah. She lived in Patagonia with all her family and all her friends. As well, there was the dragon, the monster of Patagonia, who was alimented by eating the animals of the town. One day, there were not more animals for the dragon, so they voted who was going to die in the stomach of the monster. Finally, the town decided that the person who was going to be eated was going to be Sarah. The same day, Sarah went to the cave to be eated. When she arrived, she saw the dragon preparing a table for the dinner, the princess. They started to talk. When they closed the discussion, the dragon held the leg of the women and he put her in his mouth. Suddenly appered a robot called CDR who, with his swor, killed the dragon and saved the princess. The robot was in love with Sarah, and after that escene, Sarah too. When they realised, they were maried and having four children.


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