Arturo was a King Who lived in a small town. The town is called Juanfran. Arturo has a wife and she is called Mariallum. Mariallum and Arturo have one child. She’s Margarita, she’s 18 years old. She was Miguel’s girlfriend. Miguel was a tall man, and chivalrous. In the town there was a problem, there was a giant crocodile that killed the villagers. Every day he ate a different one, he didn’t stop. It was difficult to kill, but Arturo told Miguel that if he killed him he would let him marry his daughter. He accepted because he thought he would win. He went to the crocodile, and they fought for hours, but in the end the crocodile won. When Margarita found out, she committed suicide out of grief. moral “think things twice before doing them”

His father is angry because her child is dead, and the Next year he is a bad person. He killed a lot of people. End.


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