A new friend

One day, a family went camping in an amazing place in France. They were very cheerful, but everything changed when they heard an extremely weird noise that scared them. As they were curious, they decided to see what was happening close to them although they weren’t very calm. They made a little walk near their shelter tent, but they weren’t able to see anything, so they decided to go to the bed and the next day they would investigate more. It was 9 am when they got up. They had breakfast inside the huge tent, and then, they went out because they had the plan to go fishing in a lake that was 3km from them.  They arrived at the lake at 11am and they heard the same noise that they had heard the night before. Because of that, they went there and they saw something very sad, there was a platypus fully of plastics. They decided to take him to the vet, where the animal could recover it. Nowadays, every two weeks, the family goes to the lake to visit their new friend.



Since I was little I always saw different people that I was supposed to see as competition, and it is difficult to love someone who many times never comes to think of you, since I have always wanted to be different so that some of them love you but it is difficult. Every birthday I blew out the candles asking to be able to say what I felt without being afraid and wanting to find someone who was like me. And there came a day, a person who knew what you felt and took care of you, and changed your thoughts, thanks to that person everything is happier, although it hurts to think that at some point they will leave your life, for now they are happy and you know that you will never be afraid of being who you are. 


The cousins

One day, a little british girl was with her cousins in the swimming pool, when the oldest of them felt in the pool dressed, and all of them started laughing. After, when he was dry, all went together up to the football court, and then they started playing and playing until they were as tired as possible. When they grandparents arrived to the club were the childrens where, they smiled because they know that they will felt sleep too earlier that day. When they were going home, they saw an helicopter going too fast, they were surprised and the cousins asked their grandparents to follow the helicopter, the grandparents accepted and followed it. When they arrived where the helicopter had landed, they quickly got out of the car and they quickly got out of the car and approached the helicopter and saw Will Smith.


History of Saint George

One day one boy that was called Martin, Martin was quite tall, with brown curly hair and he liked video games so much.

One day Martin found a video game. The title of the game was “Feel like Saint George”. Immediately he put the CD in her PC and played, but he didn’t know that the game was in 3D and the game swallowed Martin.

Like in the history, he has to fight against a dragon, but he lost on the contrary in the history.

Real Saint George

That moment

Then she stopped running, stopped and looked at everything she had, she now had her happy ending, she had reached the goal, everything that had hurt her was now insignificant.

She closed her eyes and stopped listening, stopped seeing, through her mind went all the beautiful memories, the people who were her support in her race, she opened her eyes again, her smile did not disappear, even knowing that she had a lot of life ahead, she would always remember this day, the day she was complete, for those seconds, she was well.

Mrs. Hope

San Jordi

In an advanced city called Sant Cugat. One day, on the 23rd of April 2476, an O.V.N.I. arrived on Earth. He was studying the city for weeks, and began to kidnap people. But only people nobody cared about. He kept on kidnapping. Until they abducted a girl, Itziar, the aliens thought no one would remember her. But a boy, Jordi. He wanted to sacrifice himself for her. Proving his love for Itziar and that everyone is always loved and remembered by someone. Many claim that this is the reincarnation of the legend of Sant Jordi…

Martín Martínez


The first time I saw him I was seven years old. We coincided in an extracurricular music class in our town. He wasn’t very talented and some months later he stopped coming on the group lesson, but 2 years later we met again in an english camp. We recognized ourselves because we knew each other. Anyway, until 5 years ago when we met again, we had never had a conversation yet. This time we were at a festival in Torredembarra with some friends in common. We talked about how funny it was that we met every long time and that we didn’t talk but we didn’t forget either. Then, I thought for the first time that we were predestined and the next summer, in the same festival, we started dating in other places every week. Now here we are, on our 4rth anniversary in a relationship. We were made for each other and destiny knew it.


The Legend of The Ruler

In a faraway village of yesteryear, a boy called Jonesy was born with some special powers, which caused his mother to die in the childbirth, these powers, according to the village shaman, were the ones that granted the village its freedom. The village was tormented by The Ruler, a demon in the form of a dragon that had all the villages in his area under control, but that would change, as Jonesy was trained by the best fighter in the village throughout his childhood and adolescence. On the night of his death, the shaman prophesied The Ruler’s death at the hands of his equal, Jonesy. At the age of 18, Jonesy decided to face The Ruler on the mount of the end, after a long battle, Jonesy came out victorious and took the heart of this demon as a symbol of victory, this was shaped like a bloody rose.


My life between the pages

It all started when I was 6 years old and for my birthday I was given my first story, Little Red Riding Hood, after that I sat on my bed, opened the first page and started to read it. Without wanting to, I was transported to a familiar forest, hidden behind a tree I saw Little Red Riding Hood talking to the wolf and arguing about which way was the quickest to get to Grandma’s house, then, I followed them without being seen, as you know, finally, the hunter killed the wolf and saved Granny and at that very moment I appeared in my room again, but this time I had the story open to the last page. At the end, I closed it and fell asleep, and from that moment on, when I’m tired or I want to clear my head, I take the book I like the most and I literally go into it.

Athena 15

El tiempo

Sin darme cuenta, ya han pasado muchos años. Pero aún recuerdo tu sonrisa, tu voz, y tus palabras. Esas palabras bonitas, que decías de mí a tus amigos, y que yo siempre me escondía para escuchar.
Nunca te importó que yo no te prestará esa atención como a los demás. Lo único que te importaba, era que al menos, si podías verme todos los días.
«¿Por qué nunca me lo dijiste?».
Esa pregunta, me comió la cabeza desde pequeña. Pero con el tiempo, encontré la respuesta. Lo único que querías, es poder verme todo ese tiempo de infancia y poder disfrutarlo. Lo que te importó, era verme bien mientras el tiempo pasaba. Porque sabías que iba a llegar un momento donde los caminos ya no serían los mismos