A new friend

One day, a family went camping in an amazing place in France. They were very cheerful, but everything changed when they heard an extremely weird noise that scared them. As they were curious, they decided to see what was happening close to them although they weren’t very calm. They made a little walk near their shelter tent, but they weren’t able to see anything, so they decided to go to the bed and the next day they would investigate more. It was 9 am when they got up. They had breakfast inside the huge tent, and then, they went out because they had the plan to go fishing in a lake that was 3km from them.  They arrived at the lake at 11am and they heard the same noise that they had heard the night before. Because of that, they went there and they saw something very sad, there was a platypus fully of plastics. They decided to take him to the vet, where the animal could recover it. Nowadays, every two weeks, the family goes to the lake to visit their new friend.


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