Una mirada

Aquell dia que vaig adonar-me que m’estaves mirant, simplement, vaig ignorar-ho. Però, des d’aquell dia, cada tarda ens trobem pel camí, i tant tu com jo, ens donem una ullada l’un a l’altra, i continuem caminant com si res. Però, jo sabia que una mirada val més que mil paraules.
Com podria tenir tants pensaments si mai ens saludem? Ens veiem cada tarda, sí, però, mai t’has apropat a mi per presentar-te, i menys creuar una paraula amb mi. Ni menys em sé el teu nom i ni tu el meu.
Un dia, un nen es va apropar a mi, i em va donar una capsa, i se’n va anar corrent. Però, jo et vaig veure des de lluny, i em vas somriure.


The little giants

Once upon a time in a city named Sao Paulo a little team of the neighborhood. They was a team formed for only eleven players. The people called them the little giants. They classified for the sub-15 World Cup. They didn’ lose any game and were in the final against Argentina sub-15. The day of the match they were super concentrated, they knew that if they won they would be the best in the world but if they lost they would be the second boys. The match was amazing, the both teams played espectacular and they arrived at the penalty shootout. The penultimate penalty was in favor of Argentina but they failed, the decisive penalty it seemed took 1 hour to kick. He kicked the ball and… Marked!!! They were the best team in the world!!!. And this is the history of the best team in the world, THE LITTLE GIANTS.


L’home que es mirava el melic

Temps feia temps vivia en un Poblet del Vallès, un home que vivia mirant-se el melic. Cada dia tot just llevar-se es mirava el melic una estona abans d’anar a treballar, al metro aprofitava els deu minuts que trigava a arribar a Barcelona per mirar-se el melic i un cop al treball, quan ningú l’observava ell es posava a mirar-se el melic. A la tarda, arribava cansat a casa i s’estirava al sofà i es posava a mirar-se el melic i s’anava a dormir mirant-se el melic. Alimentava cada dia el seu melic amb la seva mirada fins que un dia el melic se’l va menjar.

El Melic

Why you

I don’t know what will happen in the future and if my future will be with you, I hope so. But I don’t believe in you because you have lied to me, you played with me and you broke me. So now I think if what you were feeling was true or they were only insincere words that you said. Because if you love someone, you don’t do the things you did to me. Currently you want me to forgive you, but I can’t, I only ask you that you leave me some time to overcome the situation.
Although I know that my love for you won’t disappear, at the same time I hate that.

Why me

The future

What is going to happen? How will we see each other in twenty years time? Could we die? Are we going to regret about the things that we haven’t said, done, or expressed?
Life is short and we don’t know what is going to happen in the future, so… say, do and express all you want.


The disappearence

Ross and James were two curious children who have always wanted to know everything. One day they went to the forest with their parents to catch rabbits. They were vey happy when they saw one jumping. They ran to catch it but it hid very fast. They decided to separate from their family. The mother told them not to separate because the forest was very dangerous and they went together to find rabbits. On their way, they began to sing songs from their childhood to not feel afraid of the noises they were hearing. They saw a bright house and they wanted to know who lived there. James looked through the windows but didn’t see anyone. Ross told James she was very hungry. James knocked on the door to order some food. Suddenly, someone opened. He was an ogre. The children entered into the house and never left again. The family looked for them but they couldn’t find them either.


Tell me

I’ve always known that that day would arrive, but I had never thought that it would come so early.
Now I don’t know what I should do without you.
Because I don’t have enough strength to keep on, because I feel so empty since you left me, I would like to be selfish and not accept it.
So, tell me why?
Tell me why it is so hard to say goodbye.
And I don’t know which way I should take and now I’m asking why you left me.

No one else

Something that we are going to live

Who am I?
I can describe myself as a person, a soul, well… definitely… I am nothing.
People think that I wear a black long tunic. People are wrong with me; I don’t wear anything like that.
Nobody knows when or how they are going to die.
Who knows?
You can be the next…



I am Cristina and I have three brothers: Pablo, Lucas and Javier. For me, my brothers are everything in the world. The word “brothers” is more than eight letters. They are my example to follow. My brothers have showed me things which nobody could have never taught me. For example, my brother Pablo taught me perseverance, Lucas bravery and Javier self-improvement. With them I have been able to overcome the bad moments but with them I have also lived the best moments of my life. Pablo, Lucas and Javier are my brothers, my friends, my confidents. They, together with my parents, are my family, my home. I can only thank them all.


Saint George

Many years ago, in Montblanc, there was a dangerous monster, a dragon, that ate the sheep and animals of the town and that made smoke and fire from its mouth. One day they decided to start giving him one person per day, until it was the princess’s turn. It was hard for the king to say goodbye to his daughter. The brave princess went to the dragon’s cave prepared for what was about to happen. At an unexpected moment, a gentleman named Saint George arrived. He fought the dragon with his sword to save the princess, and finally managed to kill him. From the blood of that dragon sprouted a beautiful rose. Saint George took that rose and gave it to the beautiful princess. From that day there weren’t more monsters and everyone was happy.