My life between the pages

It all started when I was 6 years old and for my birthday I was given my first story, Little Red Riding Hood, after that I sat on my bed, opened the first page and started to read it. Without wanting to, I was transported to a familiar forest, hidden behind a tree I saw Little Red Riding Hood talking to the wolf and arguing about which way was the quickest to get to Grandma’s house, then, I followed them without being seen, as you know, finally, the hunter killed the wolf and saved Granny and at that very moment I appeared in my room again, but this time I had the story open to the last page. At the end, I closed it and fell asleep, and from that moment on, when I’m tired or I want to clear my head, I take the book I like the most and I literally go into it.

Athena 15

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