The Legend of The Ruler

In a faraway village of yesteryear, a boy called Jonesy was born with some special powers, which caused his mother to die in the childbirth, these powers, according to the village shaman, were the ones that granted the village its freedom. The village was tormented by The Ruler, a demon in the form of a dragon that had all the villages in his area under control, but that would change, as Jonesy was trained by the best fighter in the village throughout his childhood and adolescence. On the night of his death, the shaman prophesied The Ruler’s death at the hands of his equal, Jonesy. At the age of 18, Jonesy decided to face The Ruler on the mount of the end, after a long battle, Jonesy came out victorious and took the heart of this demon as a symbol of victory, this was shaped like a bloody rose.


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