My most important goal

I have been playing football since I was 8 years old, but I won my first tournament at the age of 11. I remember that day because it was fantastic. I woke up at 9 am because the football pitch was so far from my house. When I arrived there, all of my friends were there too. We started the first match at 12 am, so we could have fun before playing the match. Before playing the first match, our objective was to have fun, but after the three matches that we played before we had lunch, we changed our objective to another one – win the tournament.

There were great teams that could be difficult to beat. However, we were a great team so it might be possible. We continued winning matches and we finally arrived to the final. We started winning by two goals but at the end of the match they scored two goals so we had to decide the tournament on the penalties. We scored four goals and the other team three. It was the most important moment of my live because it was my turn. I was nervous but I could kick the ball. I kicked the ball and I scored the most important goal of my life! We celebrated all week.

Pseudònim: Vigofe

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