When I was three, I wanted my parents to buy me a dog because always I loved animals and my passion was to have a dog and take care of it, but my parents always said that I’m very younger to have a dog. When I was eight, in my birthday, my parents present was a dog. I was very excited because the next day we were going to do an excursion. The dog’s name was Tom and he was trained so we could go to the mountain without dog chain.

When we arrived we started to walk. Five kilometers late we saw a wild boar, Tom started chasing him. Ten minutes later we didn’t see Tom, my father was very angry because Tom didn´t as told and I was very worry because I think that he wouldn’t come back, but half an hour later Tom come back with the wild boar.

That night we dinner a delicious grilled boar that the cook of the town cooked us with a discount. I’m sorry for the boar but it’s a magnificent day with my parents an Tom.

Pseudònim: cacatuas

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