Lonely nights… during a night this dark, when the sky is hollow, my soul deepens its darkness in imitation. In the blink of an eye, a part of me soaks it up. Imprisoned, it waits for the next ray of light to shine in. All I need is… yes.. oh yes, who are you? Yes… oh yes, an imagined utopia. What you built will once again be toppled like sand, and what I crushed, will once again become a confined dystopia. Like a bubble, quivering and disappearing, my ephemeral life keeps looking for you amid the white noise. The diamond I swallowed that night, was one of the fragments of our broken love. It would have marked the depths of my tender heart, and crimson blood would even have seeped, willing to stain your silver face. No matter how dark the night is, the beauty is in the sky. It is to hazily illuminate my steps and set my soul free of the lonely chains that bind it to you. But tell me… how can I be with you when everyone relies on the same moonlight to live?

Pseudònim: Kurisu



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