The tree

There was once a father and a son, who lived in a modest cottage. The two were happy together, although the wife and mother had died years ago.

One day the son asked his father if he could build a tree house, and his father told him that he could built it at the almond tree near the house it was many years ago that he last give fruits and it would be cut. The child immediately went work, he spent so much time in the tree, he began to show affection and care for it, and he also cut the dry branches.

A few weeks later, the child was to improve the tree house, when suddenly he saw that the tree blossoming, and went to tell what happened to his father who was excited because the tree had been planted when they went to live with there wife.

Then the little boy understood the tree had flourished for the love and devotion he had given to it.

Pseudònim: DAONSA


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