Ten years cycling

Ten years cycling, through the city. From home to school, on the train to college and now to work … I’ve seen shops open and close, new parks, markets, schools, … new developments some which I like, others not so much. I have seen the baker close down for retirement, the girl at the grocer’s grow up. I have made friends, more than I could have imagined. I have been living here for ten years and for all the years to come. Friendship, love, heartbreak, the first kiss, all the moments you never forget…

Here at this moment I am ending my days, in a place full of metal, dirt and disorder. A sad place to die if you’re a bike, like me … My little owner Laia has grown up too, and has a boyfriend. I liked him until he gave her a beautiful, small, red, flashy Brompthon bicycle. But wait, the iron-monger has a daughter and she looks at me and looks at me again. When Laia leaves me to my destiny the little girl touches my handlebars while looking at her father, and he says: “All yours Ana, go for a ride”. My final days haven’t arrived yet!

Pseudonim: Isolde


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