Monkey business

Timothy lowered his newspaper. The sun was setting over the mountains and the sky was ablaze with numerous shades of red. The scent of jasmine filled the air and all around was silence except for the intermittent chirping of the crickets camouflaged in the freshly cut lawn. He curled his thick, hairy fingers round an icy glass of beer and took a long swallow, trying hard not to slurp. Sneaking a glance at the heavy gold watch on his wrist, he decided it must be almost eight o`clock. She should be here any minute now. He heard the gate open at the bottom of the garden and soon he could see her approaching, teetering a little on her high heels. When she reached him, he took her hairy hand in his and with the other, he snapped his fingers loudly, summoning Carlos, the human in the kitchen, to bring them some appetizers.

Pseudònim: MOD

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