A dream

Will is a normal boy who lives in a normal house, in a normal street of a city like all the others. He likes to climb on the roof of the house, where he can spend hours and hours looking at the sky belly up. Will loves to see how the sky changes as the day goes by. He observes the form oh the clouds, sometimes they are condensed, sometimes more scattered…

The colors of the sky also vary, and his favourite moment is when the sun sets, the cold and warm colors at the same time distract him from his deepest thoughts. His head get lost between pink and purple colors. Finally, when the night arrives he enjoys the company of the stars, they are his best friends.

During the day, Will went to school but it wasn’t a school like all the others, it was an adapted school, for children with disabilities. Will can’t listen, can’t enjoy music, he is deaf, and that prevented him from having good friends.

He always has been a solitary boy with a greatest desire of going to space. His parents did everything that was in their hands to get their son distracted. They took him to museums, and to observatories, but that wasn’t enough to distract the boy from his main purpose.

One day, Leah the oldest cousin, found an ad where put: ”write us about your dream and if you have a good reason to fulfill it, we make it real”. It was a contest. Leah wrote to the newspaper about the dream of going to the space of her cousin, and the newspaper selected they as winners. The company didn’t have enough money to manage it, but they made the history of Will viral, so it reached the hearts

of many people, who participated donating money to Will.

After four months of tests and preparations, Will was already in Florida, waiting for the rocket to take off. What he felt  when he saw everything from the special ship was indescribable. He was shocked and very grateful to all the people who made it happen.

Finally his dream came true.

Pseudònim: SG

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