The golden retriever

Sam was enjoying his family vacations in Mexico, they were visiting the ancient pyramids when suddenly his dog Max ran off into the jungle. He didn’t think twice and ran after him leaving his family behind.

After running for some minutes Sam was completely lost, he couldn’t keep up with the dog’s pace. He was about to call his parents when he heard Max barking in the distance, he ran as fast as he could until he found his dog digging into the dirt. He looked closely and he saw the top of a wooden chest peeking out of the ground.

Surprised, Sam dug with his dog and took out the chest, the lock was smashed so he opened it and to his surprise it was full of golden coins. The chest had letters written on the sides, he had read that language before! It was Spanish. He couldn’t breathe properly due to the excitement, he knew they were worth a fortune.

He instantly grabbed his phone and called his parents. Soon after they found him, they were  really upset because Sam had escaped without telling anybody but after asking how much did the gold coins cost they were euphoric.  From then their lives changed, now they were millionaires.

Pseudònim: Sandes

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