Who am I?

They had been my choices all along, but they didn’t seem mine, not at any time. So, when I stepped out of the car and he whispered those words that immediately soothed my mind, I realized that he wasn’t exactly worth the life we lost in getting to him. ‘Laura, remember you are wonderful’ –he had said. I remembered, remembered, remembered until the word had more power than the memory. My brain collapsed and my pride came into light to rescue me, with its shiny armor and its spade bathed in fear. Indeed, it fought with its cunning while my heart was bleeding in love. I was becoming that amorphous empty silhouette and while my heart would fill the inside, my ballerina would awake, shyly. Just a few were able to see the gracious ballerina with armor and spade, the rest would just watch my tears roll down my eyes for years and years.

Pseudònim: Flora Justes

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