One day, Sunday was helping out in her parents store and, suddenly, an unexpected boy walked in. At that moment, she didn’t know how to act in front of him, but at least she knew his name, Jin, and also discovered that he is in the same school. The next day, remembered that she had to go on a trip with her family but she had an idea, her friend Rose should be a spy when she started classes, so she accepted the plan. Rose had a good idea to collect more information about Jin, to be her friend with Jack, the best friend of Jin. As they became close friends, they realized they liked each other. But, when Sunday came back, she was confused. She told her that this was the boy she fell in love with. When he went to the store where she was, his best friend lent him his school uniform, that’s the reason why the two girls had fallen in love without knowing that they were in love with the same boy.


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