The horrible call

I only had the last hour of class of the day left, and it was biology, the most boring class of all. It was my class with Mrs. Amelie. I was anxiously waiting for the bell to ring so that I could leave this prison for children once and for all. Finally, the bell rang, and I ran out of the school.

I got home early to take advantage and study a bit for final exams, I had nothing else to do, so I closed the door of my room to concentrate. Before I realized it, my wall clock was showing two o’clock in the morning when my mother called me sweetly from the kitchen “Daughter, can you please come!” I went nonchalantly to the kitchen, although it seemed strange, and when I was there I found no one, instead, I heard the same voice of my mother from afar “Don’t go daughter, I heard it too!”

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