Sant Jordi upside down

A long time ago, there existed one village called Elysium where the dragons lived in peace. One day, one human that lived in the mountains came to the village and started to eat all of the animals. When there weren’t any more sheep, he started to eat the dragons. The dragons spoke to the human and agreed that he could eat one dragon every single day and live the others alone. All the dragons agreed that they would put their names in a box, and each day one dragon would pick a random name to sacrifice. After some time, the name that  was called out was Ronaldine’s, the dragon princess. No one wanted the princess to die, but she accepted her destiny and went to the mountains prepared to die. George, a warrior, refused to let the love of his life die in front of him, so he decided to follow her to the mountains and try to kill the human. Finally, George burned the human, and from he’s blood growed one red rose. George gave it to her and proposed to her.

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