A different Saint George

This story happens two years after Saint George killed the dragon, the 23rd of April two years after. On this day, everybody was celebrating with a great party the event that happened two years ago. But this didn’t last long, that’s why, at the moment a big earthquake terrified all the town, and then, behind a big mountain, the dragon arose. Nobody could understand it.The dragon was killed! But there wasn’t much fear in the environment, they thought it would be very easy to defeat the dragon again.But all this thoughts disappeared when the dragon drew fire and left Saint George very wounded. Everybody was scared, all the town thought that they were going to die, except one person, the princess. She was the only person who dared to fight against the dragon.She steeled himself, she grabbed the sword and she pounced on the dragon without any fear.He succeeded, he managed to stab him with the sword and he fell dead on the ground. This time the story changed, the princess saved town of the dragon and they made sure that they didn’t come back. Saint George was good and all the town were saved from the dragon forever.

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