Hello! I’m Berta and I want to talk about books. Why do lots of people feel laziness to read? Why do they think are boring? Maybe you are one of these people. Firstly, you must know that many years ago books were unique and they cost a lot to get, and now, however, you can read them each day at the library. I’m not a reading person, but if I read a book that I like, I can’t stop, because books have helped me a lot to learn new things and to know how to express yourself.One book that you see like a simple object, can be a guide for your future (for example). Probably you read lots of books at school, for work, but what if you chose a nice book and you start reading? For sure you will end liking it, and stick you doing that. That thing you thought very strange and boring, can I change your point of view?

Pseudònim: Wally B

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