Waiting for love

It was around 21:00 when Jack walked into Moe’s bar, to pop in his best friend, the owner of the place. What he didn’t expected was to bump into the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen in his life. She was over a little stage, doing a performance. Around her, they were few spectators amazed by her voice. Jack, astonished, took a place in front of the stage and stayed listening her during all night.

When the clock stroked midnight, the show finished, and Jack returned to the real world. Unfortunately, before he could say anything, the girl left the bar, just like as Cinderella did in her story. The boy searched her during days, but nobody knew about where to find her. Jack, desolate, knew that he had lost the love of his live.

A few months later, while Jack was taking a walk along the beach, distracted by his thoughts, he heard a very particular voice, which sounded really familiar to him. That amazing sound which had been in his dreams during all that time. And, finally, he saw her. Jack was blessed, but he couldn’t lose her again. After the girl’s concert was finished, he went there and talked to her. Surprisingly, the girl of his dreams resulted to be called Dave.

Pseudònim: Xenius

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