The man of my dream

That night I had a very strange dram. Normally, my dreams doesn’t make sense, but that one was different. In the dream, I was in a dark and small room, like an old basement. My parents were in a corner, away from me. And in front of me there was a man. He was staring at me. In the dream there was also something that was really strange. My parents were there, but they couldn’t see me or hear me. Only the man could. I couldn’t move either. Actually, I wasn’t tied, but something didn’t leave me move. I couldn’t remember the man’s face, but strangely, I remember his words perfectly: “I hope that for your own good you remember these words. They need you, and I need you too. You know perfectly what I mean.” Then, he showed me an old little doll. “Now, you know where you can find me. Return here in two days. I’ll be waiting for you.” And after those words, I woke up. I felt strange. That looked so real. But was it?

Pseudònim: Kiwi03

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