Camila was a girl who loved watching movies and TV shows. That’s probably because she thought they were better than her own life. Camila’s mother was an actress who was never home. She didn’t have a father, he left when she was little. She did have some friends, and high school wasn’t that bad, but still she preferred how life was like in the movies. Her friends often tried to take her to a party, or even to the mall, but she preferred staying at home, watching The Notebook or Notting Hill.

But one evening, her TV broke, so she went to the cinema. While carrying a bowl of pop-corn, she crashed into a handsome guy. As an apology, he offered to take her out to dinner, which she accepted.

What Camila didn’t know, was that that beautiful guy would turn her life upside down, making it way better than any movie.

Pseudònim: Rosalía

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