Short Story

Today my friends and i are going to meet in the evening to see a film, but we can’t decide wich are we going to see. After a long time we made some groups to decide the film.Once we chose it, I went to look for it in the cabinet where I keep them. One of them asked:
– Do you have popcorn for the movie?
-Yes I believe. But I did not have. Only the empty box remained. I knew they were going to refuse to start the movie so I had to go out and buy more.I went running to the gas station because it has a store where the owner is my mother’s friend so he makes me discount. When his son comes in, he greets me. I return the greeting with a face of exhaustion, and ask him where the popcorn is. I bought them and returned home. They were with the mobil.I made the popcorn and we started the film.

Pseudònim: PM

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