The biggest form of rebellion

To learn to love the stretch marks, and sagging breasts. Spots in the face, and wrinkles around the eyes. Hair in the nipples, and double chins. Bitten nails, and fat fingers. Big thighs, and long thin legs. Straight or curly hair. To be tall or to be small.

To rise the voice before an aggression. To see other women as sisters. To empower every single girl. To talk freely about sex, about what we like and what we want. To speak out loud about what we DO NOT want. To travel alone, because we can.

For Jénnifer, Celia, María del Pilar, María Adela, María Paz, Dolores, María del Carmen, Patricia, Elena, Sacramento, Manela, Carmen, Antonia, Felisa, Marina, Laura, Cris, Lucía, Alejandro, and for all of those who do not have a name yet.

To be.

Pseudònim: Donuta

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