I light up an old candle and sit right next to you. You once told me you love this particular vanilla scent, which reminds you of your childhood. You try to hold my hand, although you barely can. I cuddle the palm of your cold hand, in order to calm you down with my caresses. “Everything will be ok”, I mutter. We carefully stare at each other, knowing what that wistful look means. Years have gone by, but the glimpse of hope in your eyes has never faded, and that truly mesmerizes me. You look at me again, relentlessly trying to say something. I nod. I already know you love me, just remain quiet… I kiss your forehead. The candle peters out and so do you. This is not the ending, this is just one of them. Night-night, sweetheart. See you soon.

Pseudònim: Nairobi

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