An almost perfect trip

On my last holiday, I went on a cruise. The day before I was so nervous and excited that I couldn’t sleep. When my parents came to my room I was prepared so we went to the port. On the way, I fell asleep and my sister had to wake me up when we arrived. We went to the cruise and we left the suitcases in a cabin. I took my camera to take some photos and went to see the rest of the ship. Later, I was taking some photos of the landscape when my sister pushed me and my camera fell into the sea. One member of the crew went to ask what happened but I was so sad that I couldn’t explain anything. Then, I thought I couldn’t let this spoil my trip and tried to be happy. When the trip ended I was very happy. Although my camera was lost, I spent a great time with my family.

Pseudònim: JT

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