Trouble in the airport

My family and I were so happy because the day of our Paris trip had arrived. Everything was above board, we had prepared our luggage and were ready to go. But as soon as we left home, everything began to go badly. Firstly, while we were going to the airport by car, there was a terrible traffic jam that made us lose a lot of time. Fortunately we arrived on time and we ran quickly to check-in. There, the biggest problem appeared, we realised that my passport had expired and we had to go to the police to update it. I wasn’t allowed to travel and we didn’t know what to do, but we tried to settle down and think of a possible solution to work out this problem .We hadn’t lost the flight yet, so my father and my sister entered the plane and my mum and I had to go to the police and buy new tickets to travel later . It was the worst week ever!

Pseudònim: MP

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