The legend of the bulls attacks


There once was a herd of big bulls. They had a leader who was appreciated by all. That was because he was the strongest, the bravest, the most intelligent, the friendlier and the most generous. But one day, some lords were established near the fields   where bulls were grazing. The lords decided to do a great feast for the king to celebrate he had reached the land, for the annual inspection of all the lands of the kingdom. They decided to offer the king a feast: made by the best chef, and with the best bull of the kingdom. They hunted the leader bull, and with it the lords made the feast. When the bulls see the king eating their leader, they become so angry and they lunge the king, who was dressed in red, and they kill him. From these day, when the bulls see a red garment, they attack it because they thing is the king who had eaten the leader bull.

Pseudonym: Àngel Genís


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