Finns’ Food

Finn kept running through the trees and branches if the rainforest, trying to escape. He was absolutely exhausted and he needed to rest. He sat below a rock where no one could find him. Or so he thought. All of a sudden he saw a tiger walking towards him, and he thought he was about to die. Surprisingly, the animal slowly started to sniff him, but it didn’t seem he wanted to eat him. The animal said: “I can smell your fear. You are tired and hungry. Do you want to eat?” Finn nodded. “Follow me, and you will find plenty of food”. The tiger could have already killed him if he had wanted to, so Finn decided to follow him. He led him to a huge cave and when Finn walked in, he realized there were dozens of tigers staring at him. He didn’t know what was happening but when he looked down and saw a reflection of himself in a small puddle, he understood: he was the food.

Pseudonym: defdif


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