John climbs the stairs of the court calmly. This upward walking is the opposite of what his life has been in the last decade. Now, he appears not to have the strength to move his legs or open the heavy door that gives access to a complex machine driven by officials who work absorbed by the diversity of issues to confront. His presence is unnoticed. An invisibility impossible to foresee a few years ago. Although wearing old clothes, his way of moving is a pride that doesn’t want to lose. But it doesn’t become arrogant. He doesn’t want to sacrifice what had been. The dignity shouldn’t be missed even if life has given you a change. An identity doesn’t allow waivers. He lets out a girl but doesn’t receive a polite reply for this deference. Silence gives him two lessons. The law won’t remember his splendorous past. And John will irremediably become a statistic data that will add in a judicial yearbook.

Pseudònim: La casa del copy


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