I still remember the day when I met you. I felt those butterflies, those that you feel when you are in love, they have already passed months since that day, and I still think that it will be forever. People will wonder why, and the reason is that when you look at me, I feel like I´m the luckiest girl in the world, I think I have been very lucky to find you and that I wouldn´t be the same without you, and with all you do I feel you treat me like a princess. I think we are made for each other; people will think that these are teenagers’ things that, in a short time, will end the relationship but I´m confident that we won’t. We don´t have to believe everything people say. You have taught me to believe in love, postscript: you and me 3 meters above the sky.



Summer 2021. It was sunny, the sand stuck to my skin and between laughter and strong thrills we spent Sunday morning on the rocks near the sea. It was noisy. A group of boys spread out their towels next to us.

He looked at me and I smiled with no interest. I couldn’t stop thinking about how he looked at me. Suddenly, we realized they were approaching us with the intention of meeting us. At that moment, I already knew that it was not going to end well…

We spent that night walking and talking on the sand, as we would do the rest of the nights for every day that summer. September came and I knew that our paths would move away. Our story remains there, in a summer love that I will never forget. Our paths will meet again, and the day that it happens, everything will be different.



Children’s laughter is tender…they fill the streets with joy in this season. The sound of the waves, the smell of an ice-cream everywhere, the touch of the sheets of my bed when there is no time to wake up and the taste of a whole summer to enjoy. What would the world do without you, summer?



That feeling which you don´t know how or why has arisen, the one that makes you smile like a silly girl. You know it won´t be eternal, that it will be a simple ephemeral moment but, even so, it doesn’t stop you from feeling it once. Once throughout your life, you don’t even think if you could lose everything to get to that feeling, you just jump and do it. That feeling that arises from the feeling of being alive or from ecstasy when all your efforts and sacrifices give the desired result. When you have freed yourself from something that imprisoned you in a deep and heartbreaking pain or even from the simplest moments of life, such as a short walk with your pet in the mountains when you stop to stare the landscape and the air hits your face. From my point of view… I think that it is the best feeling.



Sometimes we think that it is easy to forget things that have really impacted us and marks a hole in our hearts. It isn’t easy and we need to accept it and if we need help, ask for it, because if you leave it, maybe then it will be too late. And we are destroyed inside.

The most important thing in our life is mental health, and how we feel.



All this happened in La Paz, in the Andes, Bolivia. My mom’s uncle, who was a peasant, was shepherding his sheep and cows in the field just like a normal day. He was carrying his animals to the hill, and it clouded over and started to rain and lots of thunders began to fall and one of them fell in his right hand. Suddenly, he realized that all his body was scattered, then, another thunder fell, and it crossed all his body. Since then, he started to read the coca leaf, sacred for the Bolivian people as a sign of luck.



This is the story of one of my dreams. I remember that I was a slave who was climbing a mountain, handcuffed with many others. I looked around to see where I was, but I didn’t find anything, literally there was only that mountain. When I almost arrived at the top, I found that there were a lot of guards and any slave. While I was climbing, I realized what the objective of getting us to the top was: killing us. Once I arrived, I knew they were going to kill me, but suddenly someone pushed me away, sacrificing himself for me. Before he died, he told me: “Live for me”, after that I saw how his body was falling down the cliff. Then they killed me, and I woke up from fright. I’m still intrigued to know who the person who tried to save me was…



I am going to give my point of view about this mindset based on my experience on it during the last two years. I have been living a lot of time believing or waiting for something coming out of the blue and changing my problems. The mistake I have made these years is being a conformist and not caring to improve at all, just doing little things to not be judged. When I found a reason to become better, I started to work on myself and improving in all aspects. So, I began using this mindset because I was having a lot of progress with it. But, the problem of this mindset is the obsession, the effort, and that the results you get, will never be enough because you can always be better. That is why you must enjoy the process of becoming great.



Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted to be a magician, but his parents wouldn’t let him. The boy grew up and did not know what to do with his life.

He found a talent contest and he wanted to enter, but his parents wouldn’t let him.

Without them knowing, he signed up.

The day of the contest he left home secretly.

It was his turn to act, and he was very nervous until he saw his grandmother, who was the only one who supported him, she had gone to see him. That gave him enough strength to win the contest and enter in the most prestigious school of magicians in the country.



It wasn´t the first time I have seen a strange presence in my house. At first, I thought that someone was playing a joke. Because I live next to a school, and I thought that it can be a kid which was playing with his friends. Then, I went outside my house scared and afraid of what it could appear. When I was outside, I thought that it will be my illusions because I could only see what it was just a simple tree. When I came back to my house, I didn´t stay very calm because when I saw it for the first time, it seemed like a person that was looking at me while I was doing homework of math. Then after I was doing homework, I went for a walk with my dog, and all was good anything was strange or different.