Even bigger!

What has your largest travel ever been? Did you feel really far from home? I think that we all can agree on the huge size of our planet. But our planet is not as huge as it looks when we compare it with other things. For example, when we compare it with the sun or another star. Sun has more than 99% of the mass in the solar system, and a radius 110 times bigger than earth’s. But even being that huge, it’s not as huge when we compare it with other things. We can compare it to a black hole. A star minimum needs 55 solar masses to become a black hole, and when it becomes one, it gets bigger and bigger. For you having an idea about the mass of a star that’ll become a black hole, only one solar mass it’s the same than 1,989·1030 kg! But if we compare it with other things… we can find bigger things for the infinite!


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