The Dream

It all started in a cold night. Jan was walking down the street. He looked at the sky and he saw a plane. One of the engines of the plane was on fire and Jan worried very much.

He knew that his father was taking a plane that night so the first thing that he did was to call his mother.

His mother didn’t answer him and while he was thinking about what could happen a loud noise sounded.The plane crashed 100 meters away from his position. He went to look at it. Nobody was there so he thought he could get closer to the plane.

When he was near the aircraft, he started crying because he saw his father in.

He laid down on the floor and he slept there. When he woke up he saw his father preparing breakfast, in this moment he started to cry and he hugged him. Everything was a dream but while he was hugging him a nuclear bomb obliterated in his house.

Pseudònim: The Usk

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