Ellen gasped in surprise when she realised how dark the basement was where she was still raving after 10 hours. She had never been to Berlin and obviusly it was her first time that she had travelled alone. The music in that moment was utterly deafening, the bass was like a big hammer smashing the dancefloor, people were in trance dancing like as if it was their last time. Suddenly Ellen fell knocked out by a very painful blow. After 6 hours she woke up and the first thing she saw was a doctor and told her that she was found near an abandoned warehouse and that someone had stolen her wallet, jewerelly and her personal ID. Ellen was confused because she didn’t remember anything. She was terribly sad. Soon after that, she realised that the next time she went travelling alone she musn’t go to illegal parties because it can be dangerous if she is foreign and is alone. It was a mix of risky and exiting experience that night in Berlin.

Pseudònim: Klubnacht

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