Life of a mobile

I am a mobile phone and I always have been in Mary’s hands. My best friend. The life of a mobile is very short but I thought that this friendship would be forever.

Mary was a lovely girl, she was so funny and fascinating. We used to enjoy texting with her friends and with her handsome boyfriend. Mary loved me and I loved her, she told me all her secrets and I never betrayed her. But then, that awful day arrived. I fell in the street and my screen was broken, it looked like Mary was going to repair me but that stupid mobile came out on the store. The mobile was very modern and fast and of course, Mary bought it, Mary never used me more.

There have been three months since I haven’t see the sun. I am in a drawer or that’s what I think. I believe I won’t see her again. I have to finish the story, I am low on battery.

Pseudònim: Paralalolo

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